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a coalition of individuals, grassroots groups, and community organizations dedicated to grounding our work towards liberation in the principles of decolonization, anti-oppression and intersectionality. our interest is in building capacity -- on individual, organizational, and institutional levels -- in order to fully utilize privilege and power in the best interest of all marginalized groups and mother earth to reduce and dismantle hierarchies and systems of oppression.

Spring 2013 Decolonize & Anti-Oppression Workshop Tour

Touring across kanata (canada) Spring 2013

tami starlight = cree two spirited elder – peguis nation (manitoba)
currently residing on occupied and unceded coast salish territory (vancouver)

vanessa bui = vietnamese youth born on traditional lekwungen territory (victoria)
currently residing on occupied and unceded coast salish territory (vancouver)

Touring from western kanata to eastern kanata for the Spring of 2013.

Willing to travel to any community, as long as basic needs are met.
This is not about money making (working on not using the queens money at all) – this is about being of service to communities in need/that are interested.

Workshop itinerary:

  • Decolonization 101
  • Anti-Oppression 101
  • Basics of grassroots, horizontal, democratic anti oppressive, collective community organizing.

Possible locations:

  • sto: lo nation territory (unceded/fraser valley region)
  • sechelt unceded (sunshine coast region)
  • vancouver island region (many nations unceded)
  • kamloops/kelowna/nelson/revelstoke (interior salish)
  • banff/jasper (settler names)
  • calgary/red deer/edmonton (etc. ceded under duress)
  • saskatoon/regina
  • winnipeg (stopping in peguis – tami’s home nation)
  • eastern kanata to the coast


  • Booking/securing community spaces
  • Gas (vancouver to halifax & back) inexpensive car runs on petrol
    • Stopping at multiple urban centers/cities/towns.
  • Food – prefer organic/vegan/vegetarian (collective meals)
  • Accommodation (couch surfing/hostels/tenting)

Please contact the email/post here if you and your community are interested!
decolonizeantioppression at gmail dot com