donate now!

Help us get across Kanata/Canada!

Click here to assist us with our expenses x or contact us to assist us in your own creative ways.

Our gofundme page: 2014 tour


  • Booking/securing community spaces
  • Gas – Vancouver to Montreal (possibly atlantic canada) inexpensive car runs on petrol
  • Stopping at multiple urban centers/cities/towns.
  • Food – prefer vegan/vegetarian/organic (collective meals)
  • Accommodation (couch surfing/hostels/tenting/motels/hotels)

*Note: majority of funds go towards gas, accommodations, printing and food.

Estimated breakdown of funds:

  • $2300 for gas
  • $300 accommodation
  • $250 food
  • $100 printing
  • ASL (to be determined)

Generally, we have relied on the communities hosting our workshops to cover these costs… This has proven to be inconsistent and also a burden for community groups and organizations with little to no funding. This year we are also attempting to provide American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation at our workshops as well.

Your donations will go a long way!

Contact: decolonizeantioppression at

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