>> Anarchism, Activism, and Insurrection (2007) (online-read)
A conversation with A Murder of Crows
A Murder of Crows was an anarchist magazine published in Seattle in 2006 and 2007. The magazine was focused on critically analyzing the institutions of social domination and exploitation. The editors viewed the struggle against these institutions as hemmed in by people who would prefer to see things stay as they are and despite all odds they articulate a desire and willingnes to fight against the immiseration that surrounds us. Their goal was to encourage greater critical thought concerning methods and strategies of social struggle.
In the following text “KK” and “DS” are interviewed by Modesto Anarcho (MA), an anarchist publication and crew out of Modesto, CA that continues to fight for a classless and stateless humanity.

>> Anti-Oppression Facilitation Guide (2014) (online-read & printer-friendly)
Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA) with an excerpt from Greg Macdougall
A 12-pg zine to help improve your meeting facilitation skills and approach.

>> Cultural Appreciation or Cultural Appropriation? (2011) (online-read & printer-friendly)
A zine on culture, respect, allyship, and racism.

>> Resource Zine (2014) (online-read & printer-friendly)
Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA)
Highlights include:
РWhat is facilitation, anyway?
– Tips, tools, techniques
– Fighting the systems
– The iceberg and titanic metaphors
– Infiltration
– Tactics for interrupting and change-making
– Deconstructing ableism

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