One thought on “K’jipuktuk territory / Halifax”

  1. If people have no means to support themselves, lack of shelter and sanitation, lack of Healthcare, lack of food, one is POOR! and underprivileged = DEPRIVED.!
    This all is caused by gross neglect by ALL Governments nowadays, who are in the pocket of very large industrial conglomerates including the BANKING INDUSTRIES.
    There is a worldwide coupe to TAKE what ever can be taken, AT ANY COST.
    Thus also at the cost of you, the person reading this.
    It is my life long goal to expose those who are ruthless pursuing power and money.
    This is a lot of work, I have very few persons beside me as it seems that everyone has its own agenda, sorrows, attention wanting to say something.
    I am pleading for more unity, more co-operation, take one topic at the time.
    I have set up a modest data base “thing” to organize a lot of info on topic, date, and urgency.
    I hope to be exchanging info with “the anti oppression network” for mutual support, and yes, love and understanding.
    Your friend, Jack.

    Revival of the “Flower Power” is still on my mind.

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