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When Toxic Radical “Feminism” and (Christian) Fundamentalism Converge

we ask of everyone to take the time to watch this committee debate on Bill C-16 (which aims to protect trans and gender nonconforming people from discrimination in Canada) – in parts or in full.
let the record show the world the dangerous belief system, attitude and behaviour of out-of-touch cis supremacists like Hilla Kerner (Vancouver Rape Relief), Meaghan Murphy (“Feminist”Current), and Paul Dirks (New West Community Church) and their gross ignorance in regards to sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression.
who else would show up to debate the existence of and violence faced by trans women and gender nonconforming people other than the people most likely to be charged once this legislation is passed?
these handful of bigots, who have exhumed resources to stand in the way of forward movement for feminism, are a reflection of the greater population of canada, and the western world. it is no accident that Trans Exclusionary Radical “Feminists” (TERFs) are sitting and working alongside a Christian pastor as the recognition of multiple gender identities, gender expressions and sexual orientations by a number of Indigenous nations across canada has historically been violently erased and minimized through Residential Schools administered by Christian churches.
(incidentally, Bill S-3, which seeks to amend the Indian Act regarding gender discrimination, is also currently before the Senate: https://twitter.com/kwetoday/status/863249467646070784)
our local communities must do better to hold each other accountable and protect trans and gender nonconforming people. trans folks are also disabled, people of colour, women of colour, youth, elders, poor, low-income, homeless, addicts, sex workers, students, children, black, indigenous, undocumented, working class, fat, nonbinary, neurodivergent, mad, sick, etc. harm to trans people is harm to all – that harm is multiplied and intensified when trans folks are a combination of any and all of the above (and beyond).
Support Bill C16 by:
  • calling and writing to the Senators (http://sds.utoronto.ca/news/support-bill-c-16/)
  • publicly expressing support for Bill C-16 in all your social media platforms (#C16, #SupportBillC16, #TurftheTERFs, #NoTERFsNoSWERFs)
  • demanding the development of trans-inclusive policies within your workplace and the organizations whose services you directly access
  • supporting the boycott of businesses and organizations that discriminate trans people (http://bctf.ca/publications/BCTFnews.aspx?id=44438&printPage=true#6)
  • seeking resources, information, and hirstory on sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression
  • engaging more family members, friends, lovers, strangers, and coworkers in conversations around Bill C-16, sex, gender, gender identity and gender expression
  • investigating what sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression mean personally for you
thank you.

Women’s March on Washington – Vancouver: CALL TO ACTIONS

this flyer is intended for distribution at the Women’s March on Washington solidarity march in vancouver, canada and beyond the march itself. we urge you to print copies, translate them into other languages, and distribute them far and wide.

this was created to express solidarity and point to the efforts for mass organizing rooted in intersectional, anti-oppressive feminism for the Women’s March on Washington in Washington, USA / on (from our knowledge) the occupied territory of Piscataway people.

we put this forward to join in on critical conversations around the gaps missed in their Guiding Vision & Definitions of Principles. most importantly, we do so to call our community to action in integrating anti-oppression, anti-kyriarchy, and intersectionality into ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIAL JUSTICE WORK.

the time is NOW for us to:

  • develop policies within groups and organizations which prioritize the safety, inclusion, and leadership of individuals and communities who face the most forms of violence and who are with the least social agency and resources (i.e. conflict resolution processes, safer space guidelines, decision making processes, annual anti-oppression training, etc.)
  • create spaces and invest in resources for youth, girls, women, disabled folks, poor folks, seniors, elders, and marginalized folks in general to build our own capacity and leadership within groups, organizations and communities. (i.e. training, rotation of roles, mentorship, peer support, etc.)
  • build visions for our work to prioritize indigenous sovereignty and autonomy and which create and support alternative economies to capitalism. eradicating oppression is counter-intuitive without us recognizing that colonization, capitalism, and imperialism are at its root.
  • demand social justice spaces and beyond to prioritize disability & economic justice; inquire about accessibility policies at events and within organizations; organize accessible events or don’t organize at all!
  • challenge those in our personal lives with oppressive beliefs, practices and ideologies; intervene and interrupt at the dinner table, at work, at home, on the street and within ourselves!

PRINT THE FLYERS HERE: https://theantioppressionnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/womens-march-call-to-action.pdf

the text for the flyers below:




this document is crafted & distributed on the unceded, occupied territory of the Coast Salish people, specifically Musqueam, Squamish, & Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

this is a local, colony-wide, & global CALL TO ACTION to address oppressive forces which directly affect our lives. we must combat, resist, and transform all forms of oppression in personal, organizational, & institutional levels of human society, at home and abroad.

we firmly uphold that the most sustainable pathways for justice involve acknowledging, embracing, & unpacking the complexities of ALL our struggles. we challenge all those in the collective fight for social justice to find creative & meaningful ways to weave anti-oppression & intersectionality into our existing work in all aspects of our lives.

this means naming: colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy, cis hetero patriarchy, ableism, ageism, anti-blackness, classism, sexism, sizeism, & more…


TERF = trans exclusionary radical feminism or feminist
SWERF = sex worker exclusionary radical feminism/t

for far too long, TERFs/SWERFs hijack feminist movements to spread hate and oppression within. this is a
call for the community to take a more active role in challenging and eradicating oppressive narratives within the fight for gender liberation and beyond. it is imperative to notperpetuate & endorse stigma, hatred, violence, & hostility towards trans people, trans women (in particular), & sex workers within ALL movements.

their efforts have subjected people in our own community to emotional, physical, & psychological abuse and we have failed in protecting those most suceptible to violence & displacement. WE CAN & MUST DO BETTER.

PRINT THE FLYERS HERE: https://theantioppressionnetwork.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/womens-march-call-to-action.pdf