tansi/hello peoples,

the 2014 Spring Tour ran from May 1st to June 7th from unceded Coast Salish territory / Vancouver to Mohawk, Kanienkehaka, & Haudenosaunee territory / Montréal, with a total of 16 workshops based mostly in major urban centres. we would personally like to thank all indigenous people in the colony of canada, community members, organizations, and the academic industrial complex for all of your help and passion to make this happen. 

we are currently planning regional workshops from unceded Coast Salish territory for the summer, with the possibility with a late summer/early fall tour. with that in mind, we are considering a northern tour as well as online web conference workshops. we prefer not to do web conferences due to the real-time in-person connections that we get from in-person workshops, however due to the enormous expanse of the north, the colony in general, and turtle island we feel that should consider supplementing our workshop tours with some web conferencing.

in conclusion, we would encourage folks to donate and to get in touch with us to help organize a workshop together.

we also have a feedback survey for those who attended a workshop and didn’t have an opportunity to fill one out. please fill as much information as possible in your responses to help us grow. https://theantioppressionnetwork.wordpress.com/feedback-survey/

certainly these workshops do not happen without meaningful participation from all stakeholders. we feel it is vital for this work to continue, have hope that it continues to grow, and that we grow together in healthy ways as a community. 

all our relations,
tami starlight & vanessa bui


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